Linking Google AdWords Account & Google Analytic

Open Google Analytical account Using the same Google accounts email address which you’ve used while launching a AdWords account. This will aid in simple linking of the two accounts as you would automatically become the administrator user to get Google analytical accounts.

If you’ve already opened a Google Analytic accounts with distinct Google account email address subsequently put in the AdWords email address as administrator.Just give a click on Buy adwords account.

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To put Google AdWords email-address as Admin in Google analytic follow the actions mentioned below:

  • Login your analytic account & click on On”User Manager” link which appears under the analytic account table.
  • Click “Add user” button That appears on upper right corner, and then enter your AdWords email address.
  • Select”Access Type” alternative From the drop menu because Account Administrator
  • Click “Save Changes” into Gradually insert your email as admin. Next, follow the below mentioned steps to link Google AdWords and Google analytic account.
  • Sign-in for your Google AdWords account.
  • Go to Reporting tab and then click on Google Analytic connection.
  • Two choices would seem, if you don’t Have any Google analytical account then select”Create my spare Google analytic account” and click continue.
  • If you already have analytic account then Please link it to the AdWords accounts” and click on continue button.
  • Choose existing Google analytic account In the drop down menu. If you do not view your account name at the drop down then you Will Need to grant admin access to your AdWords email address (I’ve already mentioned above the steps to the )
  • Keep Destination URL Auto Tagging checked Unless you are pretty certain, you’d like to disable price data importing and automobile tagging.What are the benefits of linking AdWords with Google Analytics

But in case your account is Part of My Client Center (MCC) account then you can not connect MCC account to Google analytic (i.e. you can not connect to analytic by adding MCC email address as secretary in analytical ), as real AdWords campaign information are not present directly beneath these top-level MCC accounts. Despite the fact that it’s possible to handle many sites within same analytic but it is suggested to have distinct Google analytic for every child account since it makes the procedure for connecting simple with just fewer – measures, data issues & access.


If the MCC is having multiple child Accounts for same website or distinct websites then you can’t link all of the Accounts to one analytic account at this time period. You will have to create Different Google analytic for every single kid account.