Polyures and epoxy coatings are a new breed of concrete Coatings with exceptional benefits when properly employed with the maximum quality blends. They’re being applied by a small but growing network of highly proficient flooring entrepreneurs across the nation. The maximum grade polyureas aren’t massed produced. They need an investment in specific equipment and mastery of the program system.

The Application System

Step One is to get high Manufacturing concrete Grinding gear. All these are high skate grinders which reduce the concrete readily. They’ve technical dustless vacuum methods minimizing dust. Surface preparation is essential to successful program. High spots across the ground are leveled, such as expansion joints, which generally are greater than many regions of the ground. Polyureas aren’t a self leveling merchandise such as epoxy. Epoxies have a tendency to have varied thickness across the ground. Polyureas work well with a smooth surface leading using a constant polyurea coating thickness.

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When the floor is ground smooth, cracks and broken regions, Such as expansion joints, have been mended with a filler harmonious with all the coatings. These fix products are solvent free, do not psychologist, are flexible and impact resistant.

When the flooring is ground and cracks, expansion joints and Damaged areas repaired, the flooring may be coated. Polyureas are fast curing, avoiding downtime involving application and repair.

Benefits Of Polyureas

Enriched Adhesion –

Grinding opens the pores of the face letting the first coating of this polyurea to soak in the concrete. This is usually a coat of roughly 4-5 mils thick. There are not any solvents and consequently no shrinkage. The next coating is 11-12 mils thick. The joint coats become a portion of this ground capping off moisture strain.

Delamination Cosmetic –

Polyurea ingredients are high quality and more expensive to blend. The cross linking strength is outstanding and won’t break down because of efflorescence in the cement. The ability to soak into the surface usually means the coating a part of the floor, not adhered to the surface. In most cases the concrete will crack before the coat comes off.

Bacteria Resistant –

The maximum grade polyureas are designed to withstand scratching. Micro scratches which do seem, have right edges, maybe not overdone. A straight edge won’t harbor dirt and also trap moisture which leads to bacteria development. Frayed micro scrapes trap dirt and moisture generating bacteria development and creating flooring hard to stay clean.

Floor Types –

Polyureas are great for several concrete flooring. They are applied with outstanding performance for most industrial floor types including, warehouses, labs, distribution centers, restaurants, retail stores, dog kennels and health care centers.

Low Care –

Being scratch evidence prevents grime buildup. Floors are Simple to wash with Neoprine squeegees and look great for decades. If they do start to fade, they could Be lightly trimmed, and one, quick fixing new coat may be applied. Service Can be restored the following day.